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Yuppy Puppy
Yuppy Puppy
Another Amazing Havanese National
Not even sure where to begin...  It was a "wow" kind of year again.  When I arrived in Chicago this
year I was a bit disappointed as our regional judge fell and broke her arm and could not attend. So I
didnt have the best regional.   Every Dog got a ribbon which was great and even Kenny and Award
of Merit,  but We all know I am a bit greedy and wanted more.  Well Friday was a new day and a
different judge...   Thankfully.

I decided to enter Winnie & Sherlock in the Jr Puppy Competition, no handlers allowed here s I had
to do it myself.  LOL  Truly Amazing.... I went Best Jr. Puppy with Winnie and Sherlock with Best of
Opposite Jr. Puppy.  What a great start to the National.  I was feeling better.  

Next up were the boys...  Merlot and Cabernet....  It was good.  Merlot won the huge 9-12 class and
Cabernet won the Bred By Class. Onto the finals they both went.  Well, Cabernet pulled it out going
Winners Dogs.... This was my 4th winners dog win at the national in just 5 years...  I was estactic..
So I bought the dogs a Cadillac SRX while I was in Chicago a couple hours later to celebrate  LOL (I
was going to buy it rather I won or not... it has been really hard having the dogs in my little CLK the
last couple of years)

Onto Saturday.... the girls and the Top Dogs.... Belle got 1st in Ambred, Midge (chardonnay) got 2nd
in the Bred By Class and Moscato got 3rd in 9-12 class.  A good Morning.  Everyone got a great great
placement.  The afternoon brought the stress though.. Kenny was in the ring....  I am one very
proud Breeder... Kenny went Best of Opposite Sex (2nd time for me)...   He also went Best Stud
Dog..  Prada went Best Brood Bitch (Best Mommy)..  Moscato and Merlot went Best Brace...  and
Cabernet finished the day with Best Bred By Exhibiter.  

2nd year in a row that every dog I presented at the Nationals recieved an award.   I also cant thank
my handlers - David Stout and Tammie Wilcox for presenting my dogs so well.  It always always
takes a village to succeed in Dogs...  Thank you to all my friends and my owners for their love and
support.  Look forward to the many years to come.
Best of  Opposite Sex
Owned By: Elizabeth O'Meara         Bred By: Janet Birdsall
Owned By: Anne Stevenson       Bred By: Janet Birdsall
Owned and Bred By Janet Birdsall
Owned and Bred By Janet Birdsall