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Yuppy Puppy
Another New Champion - 8/24/12
CH Yup's Wear Pink & Make The Boys Wink
Another New Champion
BPISS CH Yup's Love 'Em &
Leave 'Em at Mylad
Sigmund F. Welsch
Joins the Staff of The Univ of Florida
Yuppy Puppy
Yuppy Puppy Blog
The Yuppy Puppy Blog is up and
attempt...but check it out and
lets have some participation.  
Our first topic is the
wonderful sense of humor.

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AM/Can CH Yup's Worth
"Bacca the little Hula
Hattie's Dancing Career
A Picture Perfect Year at the
2010 Havanese Nationals
Welsch, she was referred to me by
another puppy buyer.  She is a vet and
a psychologist who was looking for a
Havanese to join her in her work with
the kids at the Univ of Florida...  After a
year of training and just growing up...
Siggi is now ready to enter the working

And more info on becoming a
Certified Therapy Dog

TDI info

Info On Barb's PsychVet

Compassionate Tao
Kenny Wins the Breeders Showcase
BISS CH Yup's Malibu Dream